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Best Paragliders for Beginners: A Comprehensive Guide


Paragliding offers an exhilarating adventure, allowing you to soar through the skies with unmatched freedom. For beginners embarking on this thrilling journey, choosing the right paraglider is crucial. ENA paragliders, classified as the safest paragliders, cater specifically to novice pilots, providing exceptional stability, ease of handling, and low sink rates.

Table of contents:

Ready to take flight? Explore the safest ENA paragliders tailored for novice pilots! Learn key factors, top recommendations, and expert advice for an exhilarating and secure journey through the skies. Learn more...

Factors to Consider When Choosing an ENA Paraglider:

1. Safety and Stability:

Look for paragliders with high passive safety ratings, which indicate their ability to recover from collapses and ensure stability even in turbulent conditions.

2. Easy Handling:

As a beginner, you'll benefit from gliders with light brake pressure, providing responsive steering without requiring excessive force.

3. Low Sink Rate:

A lower sink rate allows you to stay in the air longer, giving you ample time to practice maneuvers and gain confidence.

4. Certified Performance:

Ensure the paraglider meets the European Norm (EN) A certification standards, guaranteeing its suitability for beginners.


Top ENA Paragliders for Beginners:

  • Sol Prymus 5: Known for its stability, ease of handling, and user-friendly nature, perfect for first-time pilots.

  • Advance Alpha 7: Another beginner-focused glider with excellent stability, low sink rate, and progressive handling for confident progression.

  • Gin Bolero 7: Designed to inspire confidence, the Bolero 7 offers exceptional stability, precise handling, and a forgiving nature that supports learning.

  • Ozone Mojo 6: A well-rounded glider ideal for entry-level pilots, offering a balance of stability and performance, with easy inflation and thermal soaring capabilities.


Additional Tips for Beginners:

  • Take lessons from a certified instructor to ensure proper training and safe flying practices.

  • Start with calm weather conditions and gradually increase the intensity as you gain proficiency.

  • Practice ground handling before taking to the skies to familiarize yourself with the wing and controls.

  • Join a paragliding community for support, advice, and shared experiences.



1. What is the best beginner paraglider?

The Sol Prymus 5 and Advance ALpha9 are highly recommended ENA paragliders for beginners due to their exceptional stability, ease of handling, and certified performance.

2. What is the best Vario for beginners?

Micro varios with simple operation and audible indicators are ideal for beginners, such as the Flytec Micro Vario or the Brauniger GPS vario.

3. How do I choose my first paraglider?

Evaluate your skill level, consider your desired flight style, research and compare different gliders, and consult with an experienced instructor for personalized guidance.

4. How much does a beginner paraglider cost?

Beginner-friendly ENA paragliders typically range between $3,000 to $4,000, depending on the brand and features.

5. How can I learn more about paragliding?

Attend workshops, join paragliding groups, study instructional materials, and seek mentorship from experienced pilots to enhance your knowledge and skills.


Embark on your paragliding journey equipped with the knowledge of choosing the right ENA paraglider. With safety, stability, and ease of handling in mind, you'll soar through the skies with confidence. Embrace the adventure, and let the winds carry you to new heights!

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