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Know All 40 Best Paragliding Places in India

Updated: Mar 7

The greatest thing about paragliding is the way it connects us with nature. This is why we love to fly over open areas where I can see far and wide. Fortunately, there are quite a few such places in India where you can enjoy flights allowing you to just sit back, relax and enjoy the ride.

Since the number of paragliding pilots is constantly growing in India you will find a lot of really good paragliding places. But at the same time, this evolution means that it is hard for one to keep track of various new spots coming up every year.

So, keeping this in mind we have come up with this list which will help you know about all the best Paragliding spots in India near you for your leisure flying requirements.

Navigate the location where you are looking for your next paragliding adventure in India

  1. Bir Billing

  2. Manali

  3. Shimla

  4. Khajjiar

  5. Lahul & Spiti

  6. Sanasar

  7. Vagamon

  8. Varkala

  9. Yelagiri

  10. Maldevta

  11. Kotabagh

  12. Nainital

  13. Munsiyari

  14. Pithoragarh

  15. Gangtok

  16. Lumdung

  17. Mechuka

  18. Shillong

  19. Bodoland

  20. Kamshet

  21. Panchgani

  22. Arambol beach

  23. Nandi hills

  24. Mussoorie

  25. Ranikhet

  26. Jaipur

  27. Leh-Ladakh

  28. Kunjapuri

  29. Panwa

  30. Bedni Bugyal

  31. Satpura

  32. Jodhpur

  33. Pavagadh

  34. Garhwal

  35. Indrunag

  36. Matheran

  37. Marhi

  38. Purandar

  39. Lonavla

  40. Tirthan Valley

These are the 41 best paragliding flying sites in India near me. Know their location, prices, how to reach and many more. Read complete details here

Here are the top 41 best spots for paragliding in India near you

1. Bir Billing - Paragliding Capital of India

Know about Bir billing paragliding sites and its detail

Bir Billing is India's best & highest paragliding location. Thousands of strong-willed and adventure-seeking people come here each year to partake in paragliding. You'll find Bir and Billing a lovely little community, well-known among gliders for holding the first-ever Paragliding World Cup in India. Bir Billing is also famous for camping, trekking, cycling & many more.

2. Manali paragliding in Himachal Pradesh

Know about Manali paragliding flying sites and its details

Himachal Pradesh has a lot of spots for gliding to enjoy fantastic views from the top. There are near-about 11 different places where you can enjoy gliding and the most famous one is Manali.

It is the soaring height and the strong wind streams that will add to the excitement if you choose to go gliding in Manali.

Also, Manali has got everything for an adventurous holiday for singles & families starting with a gorgeous location for zorbing, trekking, & paragliding through to skating.

3. Tirthan valley, Himachal Pradesh

Know how Dharamsala paragliding gives you a beautiful Dhauladhar mountain view while flying

One of the finest methods to satisfy your desire to go paragliding is Tirthan Valley. Tirthan Valley has gotten little attention even though paragliding has become one of the most popular pastimes in the world.

Tandem paragliding is a fun activity that allows you to have a fresh view of the beautiful Tirthan Valley while being completely safe. This is the most straightforward and risk-free way to fly like an eagle.

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4. Shimla in Himachal Pradesh

Paragliding in Shimla is one of the most adventurous and exhilarating sports you can do when visiting the valley. Read all the details

Paragliding in Shimla is one of the most adventurous and exhilarating sports you can do when visiting the valley. Shimla is famed for its breathtaking beauty, especially for the lush forest covers that evoke mystery and the distant white, snow-capped mountains.

However, you will get the most enjoyment out of your Shimla excursions if you take advantage of all the hill station has to offer, including paragliding. After all, Shimla is a little town perched between massive mountains that provide the most breathtaking and divine views from high above.

5. Khajjiar mini Switzerland of India

Know why Khajjiar known as mini Switzerland paragliding  site

Khajjiar paragliding is situated on a verdant, untamed mountain cliff with spectacular views of Mount Kailash (Lord Shiva's Abode).

With the assistance of a trained pilot, this paragliding sport may be completed. During the flying in Khajjiar, you'll be able to see the mind-blowing vistas of Dhauladhar stages burdened with lush woodlands from a stunning height of 5000 feet.

6. Lahaul & Spiti in Himachal Pradesh

Witness beautiful snowcapped mountain view while paragliding in Spiti valley. Know all details

During the summers, paragliders from all over the globe and India go to Lahaul and Spiti to explore the pristine and secluded Himachal area.

Trekking, rock climbing, camping, paragliding, rappelling, river rafting, and sightseeing are usually included in paragliding packages, but you may choose for just paragliding sessions, flying over the spectacular cold desert valleys of Spiti and Lahaul.

7. Sanasar in Jammu & Kashmir

Get details of paragliding in Sanasar

Sanasar paragliding in Jammu provides a fantastic paragliding path to any adventure seekers visiting this lovely city.

Sanasar is a quiet hillside resort surrounded by enormous conifers, located almost 19 kilometers from Patnitop. This location is ideal for paragliding in India and is quite popular among tourists visiting Jammu and Kashmir.

8. Vagamon paragliding in Kelara

Know about paragliding in Vagamon.

Vagamon paragliding is once again a tourist attraction that is progressively gaining appeal for all the right reasons. This location, located in Kerala's Idukki district, features a delightful panorama of lush green hills and mysterious weather.

Vagamon is known for its paragliding scenery as well as being a fantastic picnic place. Tandem flights are offered, and professional pilots are on hand. You'll be strapped with a parachute while getting a bird's eye view of the spectacular scenery below.

9. Varkala in Kerala

paragliding Varkala

Varkala is a unique location where paragliding, kitesurfing, and surfing are all available. India is a beautiful place where you may discover adventure and culture all in one vacation. Welcome to Varkala, where you may enjoy flights along the coast with a tropical ambiance.

A few cliffs provide an excellent spot for flying practice. While most people associate paragliding with soaring high in the mountains, paragliding in a seaside town is a refreshing change of pace.

This coastal paragliding location begins at a helipad on the North Cliff, and while the pilot takes you on a bird-like adventure over the Arabian Sea's beautiful waves, you'll be glided back to the helipad or, on rare occasions, the beach.

10. Paragliding in Yelagiri, Chennai

know about Yelagiri paragliding site and its details

Yelagiri is the spot to go if you want to go paragliding in Chennai. Yelagiri, about a three-hour drive from the capital, provides paragliding from a height of 2200 meters and a large clearing of natural spaciousness.

Parasailing is also available every evening at Marina Beach. Isn't it exciting? Make plans to visit soon to partake in both of these activities. One of India's best paragliding destinations.

11. Maldevta in Dehradun

Maldevta paragliding site details

Glide through the air like a bird and take in the spectacular views of Dehradun Valley and Mussoorie Hills.

Maldevta Paragliding near Dehradun is one of the most unique paragliding destinations in the world. This paragliding spot, near the Rajiv Gandhi Cricket Stadium, is the greatest in Uttarakhand for paragliding.

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12. Kotabagh paragliding in Uttarakhand

Know details of paragliding Kotabagh

Paragliding Kotabagh is one of the most thrilling and beautiful sports available in Nainital. From above, you may see breathtaking vistas of the hills and valleys.

The Kotabagh valley is 3400 feet above sea level, and it is here that you may fly to heights of up to 10,000 feet with a professional instructor and take in the breathtaking views of the country. When the weather is clear, you may view sections of Jim Corbett National Park (Dhikala) from above.

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13. Nainital Uttarakhand

Get details of paragliding in Nainital, Uttarakhand

So, there you have it, a whole kit. Nainital, a city known for its lakes, and paragliding Nainital offers heights of up to 2000 meters.

In Nainital paragliding is available at two locations: Naukuchiatal and Bhimtal. With its gorgeous lakes underneath the flyer, paragliding Bhimtal appears to be one of India's top paragliding locations.