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Ultimate Tour Guide for First-Time Tirthan Valley Visitors

Updated: Nov 28, 2023

This guide is for everyone if you planning to visit Tirthan Valley for the first time. In this guide, we have given complete information about Tirthan Valley, from popular activities, how to reach, popular FAQs & much more.

What is Tirthan Valley known for?

Tirthan Valley is perched over 1600 meters above sea level. The valley is renowned for its pristine Tirthan river, freezing glacial springs, and beautiful views from the Great Himalayan National Park, which is located in the Kullu region of Himachal Pradesh.

Tirthan is a unique place with something to offer everyone. This tranquil valley is perfect for paragliding, hiking, camping, animal viewing, and discovering undiscovered hill communities. There's also the option of doing nothing while relaxing among the valley's pine trees.

Adventure activities in Tirthan Valley

Paragliding in Tirthan Valley.

paragliding in Tirthan valley

Paragliding in Tirthan Valley is unquestionably one of the best ways to satisfy your urge. Although paragliding has become one of the most popular activities worldwide, Tirthan Valley has received little attention.

Tandem paragliding is a delightful activity that allows you to see the gorgeous Tirthan Valley from a different perspective while remaining entirely secure. This is the simplest and risk-free method for flying like an eagle.

Camping in Tirthan valley.

camping in Tirthan valley

Staying at a camp is an intriguing experience since you get to witness first-hand the beauty of nature. This is very different from what you'd find in a hotel or resort. We prioritize simplicity over the addition of frills.

To guarantee that we contribute to the local community, we hire all of our personnel from adjacent villages who have been trained to assist you in having a

pleasant time while camping in Himachal.

Beautiful hiking routes, as well as nearby waterfalls and streams, are available at our camp. The Tirthan River caresses the camp, which is situated on a vast open stretch of green. This is without a doubt the ideal spot to stay in Tirthan Valley for a relaxing vacation, kind hospitality, and hearty cuisine.

Hiking & trekking in Tirthan valley.

trekking & hiking in Tirthan valley

While Himachal Pradesh is home to a plethora of enthralling hill stations, a few have emerged as favorites among travelers with a penchant for the mountains in recent years. Some hill stations are becoming more popular, which means they are becoming more congested.

Some well-known hill stations have morphed into mountainous clones of the urban areas we aim to avoid regularly. Tourists line the hiking trails, which are filled with trash. If you want to escape such an event and instead experience the incredible sense of mounting a mountain in isolation, the Tirthan Valley Trek is the place to go.

Popular FAQs

How to reach Tirthan Valley?

From Delhi-

If you're driving individually, take the Mandi-Aut-Manali route. There is a tunnel called Aut. You should not enter the tunnel; instead, take a right before entering it. You will arrive in Larjee after crossing the hydro project. Take a left out of Larjee and head towards Banjar (the other route will take you to Sainj Valley). The road curves to the left before Banjar, indicating Tirthan, which should be chosen.

If traveling by Volvo from Delhi or Chandigarh, get off at Aut and take a bus to Banjar. From here, there will be a slew of private bus companies that will take you to Banjar. Take the next bus or cab to Tirthan (Rs.100-200 maximum) from Banjar.

From Manali to Tirthan

If you want to visit Tirthan from Manali, you'll need to return to Delhi via Kullu. Take the left exit after reaching Aut and traversing the Jawahar Tunnel. (Warning: From here on out, the route is gorgeous.

You will arrive at the Larji T-Point, where you must turn right to reach Sai Ropa. If you continue straight from Sai-Ropa, you will reach Banjar – Shoja – Jalori Pass; however, for Tirthan, take the U-Turn from there towards Gushaini - Nagni (Tirthan).

From Aut junction, it will take about 1.25-1.5 hours to get to Tirthan villages.

What is the best time to visit Tirthan Valley?

The months of March to June, as well as October to late November, are said to be the best for visiting the Tirthan Valley. However, you can also visit in the winter to enjoy the beauty of the area's snow-covered mountains &valleys.

Is Tirthan Valley a safe place to visit?

Yes, from a tourist standpoint, Tirthan Valley is completely secure. Tirthan Valley is open for tourists, you may visit this location and take guided excursions to see the best of nature. You will be accompanied by a professional tour guide who will ensure your safety. You will receive sufficient introductory training before participating in any of the adventure activities.

Is Tirthan Valley worth visiting?

Yes, Tirthan Valley is well worth a visit due to its numerous natural panoramas, which are more than adequate to calm the body and mind of any nature lover. Furthermore, the valley is a heaven for every adventure seeker, with a variety of activities that will test your limitations.


Tirthan Valley is still an off-the-beaten-path destination in Himachal Pradesh. It caters to all age groups, and a trip in the lap of Mother Nature at any time is always a warm experience. Whenever I want to escape from my daily routine & can't decide what to do, I pack my bags and head to Tirthan Valley to enjoy the peace and beauty that nature has to offer.

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