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Jim Corbett Paragliding Safari Booking

Updated: Feb 15

We offer the best paragliding experience in the area with amazing views of the Himalayas. Soar through the skies and take in the majestic scenery near Jim Corbett national park. In this blog, we have given you flying package details with price, duration, how to reach, safety, and experience pilots' profile.

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Read about Jim Corbett paragliding safari booking. Know height, duration, package price and how to reach Marchula paragliding. Know about other adventure activities and detail of hiking, rafting, camping etc. Read more...

The attraction of Marchula paragliding

For many people, the attraction of the Marchula paragliding joyride is the opportunity to experience the thrill of flying without having to jump out of an airplane. DreamAdventures offers a safe and controlled environment in which to experience the sensation of flight. passengers are securely harnessed to the paraglider and instructed in the basic principles of flight before taking off.

Once in the air, you can relax and enjoy the views as the paraglider glides through the air. For those who have always dreamed of flying, the Marchula paragliding joyride is the perfect way to experience the sensation of flight without having to commit to skydiving. It is also an excellent way to enjoy the stunning views of Marchula from above.

You can also enjoy paragliding in Kotabagh, which is 30 km from Jim Corbett national park.

Height, flight duration, and price


Flight duration


6,000 feet

10 minutes

Rs. 3,500

Inclusion & exclusion in package



​Pick up and drop from the office

Accommodation and food

All the safety equipment required for paragliding like a tandem paraglider, harness, helmet, and emergency parachute.

Warm dress, sunglasses, shoes, or any other personal accessories while flying.

A well-experienced and licensed pilot

4k GoPro videos of you flying safari


We are using the new and latest paragliding equipment for flying tandem joyrides. We also use an emergency parachute on each and every flight. Our expert pilot will guide you details briefing on what you should do and avoid during take-off and landing time. The Pilot will control the gliders safely, you just have to enjoy the view and make beautiful videos of your flight.

Know about jim corbett paragliding safety, and pilot experience details. and more


Wear long sleeve jackets and trousers, and avoid a saree or any loose clothes that are not comfortable for running during take-off and landing. Wear sneakers or hiking shoes and avoid heels and slippers. Carry sunglasses and sun cream for better sun and wind protection.

Avoid heavy food & alcohol before the flight and carry water and stay hydrated. Your body weight should be between 30 to 90 kg. Your mental and physical condition should be okay. You should not have any major medical issues.

Pilot experience and profile details

All our pilots are well-trained, licensed, and legally certified by PAU (Paragliding Association of Uttarakhand) and PAI (Paragliding Association of India)

know step- by- step detailed Itinerary of jim corbett paragliding safari. Read more..

Itinerary of paragliding safari



Time duration

1st step

Reach a paragliding office at

0 min

2nd step

Fill up the indemnity bond and other formalities details.

5 min

3rd step

Drive to take off location

15 minutes

4th step

Briefing, preparation for paragliding fly

30 minutes

5th step

Take Off from

5 minutes

6th step

Enjoy a safe and comfortable flying experience with a bird's eye view from the sky.

7 - 10 minutes

7th step

Landing at Marchula

5 minutes

8th step

Unlock the harness and remove other safety equipment.

5 minutes

9th step

Drop at a paragliding office

15 minutes

10th step

Collect your flying video at the office and have a good day ahead.

5 minutes

Total duration

1 hour 35 minutes

Note: If the weather is not safe for flying you have to wait for good weather. The pilot will guide you about the duration of the waiting time accordingly.

How to reach from nearby and major Indian cities.


Distance by road


260 Km


340 Km


60 Km


100 Km


12 Km


435 Km


95 Km

Nearest railway station - Ramnagar

Bus station - Ramnagar

Airport - Pantnagar


Now you have all the necessary details to enjoy a safe paragliding joyride experience with our experienced professionals. Please let us know in the comments if you need more information. DreamAdventures teams are always ready to help you.