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Kolahoi Glacier Trek: Adventure Journey to Kashmir's Glacial Marvel

Nestled amidst the breathtaking landscapes of Kashmir, the Kolahoi Glacier Trek offers an unforgettable adventure for nature enthusiasts and trekkers alike. This moderate-difficult trek leads to the awe-inspiring Kolahoi Glacier, the largest in Kashmir, providing breathtaking views and a profound connection with nature.

Table of contents:

Embark on an unforgettable journey with the Kolahoi Glacier Trek in Kashmir. Discover stunning ice fields, tranquil alpine lakes, and majestic peaks. This 8-day adventure showcases nature's beauty, promising an unforgettable experience for all hikers. Learn more...


Trek Route and Highlights:

  • Day 1: Arrive at Aru Valley (8,432 ft) and trek to Lidderwat (10,827 ft)

  • Day 2: Trek to Satlayan (12,467 ft)

  • Day 3: Explore the Kolahoi Glacier Base Camp (13,779 ft)

  • Day 4: Ascend to the Kolahoi Glacier (15,518 ft)

  • Day 5: Descend to Satlayan and trek back to Aru Valley


Trekking Difficulty:

  • This trek is suitable for hikers with good fitness levels.

  • The trekking period is generally from June to October, with July and August being the most popular months.


Key Attractions:

  • Kolahoi Glacier: Witness the majestic Kolahoi Glacier, renowned for its pristine beauty and the source of the Lidder River.

  • Lidder River Valley: Trek through the picturesque Lidder River Valley, surrounded by lush forests, meadows, and majestic peaks.

  • Basmai Lake: Marvel at the turquoise waters of Basmai Lake, a high-altitude lake at the foot of Kolahoi Glacier.

  • Mountain Views: Soak up the panoramic views of towering snow-capped peaks, including Kolahoi Peak (17,798 ft) and Harmukh Peak (16,916 ft).



1. What is the altitude of the Kolahoi Glacier Trek?

The trek reaches a maximum altitude of 15,518 ft at the Kolahoi Glacier Base Camp.

2. Is the Kolahoi Glacier Trek difficult?

The trek is considered moderate in difficulty, requiring good fitness levels. However, it is accessible to most hikers with a passion for nature and adventure.

3. What is the best time to trek the Kolahoi Glacier?

The optimal time to trek the Kolahoi Glacier is from June to October, with July and August being the most popular months due to favorable weather conditions.

4. How do I reach the Kolahoi Glacier?

To reach the Kolahoi Glacier, you can arrive in Pahalgam, the nearest town, and proceed to Aru Valley, the starting point of the trek.

5. What permits are required for the Kolahoi Glacier Trek?

Indian nationals require an Inner Line Permit (ILP) to enter the Ladakh region, while international visitors need a Protected Area Permit (PAP).


As you embark on the Kolahoi Glacier Trek, be prepared for an extraordinary adventure that will forever change your understanding of natural beauty. The pristine ice fields, cascading waterfalls, and awe-inspiring peaks will etch themselves into your memory, leaving you with a profound appreciation for the wonders of the natural world.


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