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Complete Kotabagh Paragliding Guides for Solo Pilot

Updated: Mar 9, 2023

Paragliding is a fascinating adventure. If you have never gone paragliding in Kotabagh before, then you can add it to your bucket list. Kotabagh is one of the best locations where you can go paragliding. In this article, I will be sharing complete details about Kotabagh paragliding.

Paragliding in Kotabagh

kotabagh paragliding

Kotabagh is an off-beat getaway with excellent paragliding potential. It is a part of Uttarakhand, which is a hilly state in the Himalayan range. This place was the venue for the 2nd Uttarakhand Open XC Competition 2020 (trial) but due to some reasons, the event was postponed.

paragliding kotabagh

The flying site is located at Kotabagh and it has excellent cross-country potential. The take-off is at 1700 meters and the landing is at 700 meters. October to March is a good time to fly with moderate temperatures. the terrain is mixed with vegetation and agricultural field on plains.

kotabagh paragliding

There are more than five take-off sites around Kotabagh where you can take off from any direction depending on the wind condition. Kotabagh is located in Nainital district in Uttarakhand, the distance between Delhi Airport and Kotabagh is just 300kms which is less than 8 hour's drive, and you can easily reach there by road. The weather condition here is perfect for flying all year except during monsoon season.

kotabagh paragliding site

Kotabagh is the best place for cross-country flying in India after Bir, many pilots come from India & other countries to visit Bir but Kotabagh is still unknown to most of the paragliding pilots. Kotabagh has the same potential as Bir in Himachal Pradesh yet no one has explored this place.

Kotabagh has the full potential to be an international competition site. Kotabagh is surrounded by hills and mountains which makes this place perfect for paragliding. There are many other activities too like camping, trekking, rock climbing, etc.

best kotabagh paragliding

I was always been fascinated by the idea of flying and paragliding is a perfect sport for me because you are free to fly anywhere you want. So I tried it for the first time in Kotabagh, Nainital, and have been loving this sport since then.

kotabagh xc record

I have flown around 20km from Kotabagh, but some pilots achieved up to 45km distance from Kotabagh in one flight. It offers strong thermals, long flights, and high-altitude take-offs. Recently it has been a favorite destination among Indian Paraglider pilots. Pilot Varun Singh has achieved 45km flights from the Kotabagh Paragliding launch site. If you are in India and want to fly, this is the place to be.

kotabagh paragliding xc record


How to reach?

Nearest Airport to Kotabagh distance

Pantnagar Domestic Airport (PGH) - 1 hr. 42 min (66.7 km) via Rudrapur - Haldwani Rd

Nearest railway station to Kotabagh distance

Kathgodam Railway Station (KGM) - 1 hr. 17 min (49.6 km) via Haldwani Byp Rd and UT SH 41

Nearest bus station to Kotabagh distance

Ramnagar bus station - 42 min (29.6 km) via NH309

Haldwani bus station - 1 hr. 4 min (39.8 km) via UT SH 41

From each station, you can take a local taxi or local bus to Kotabagh.

Where can I stay

  • NRI Resorts & Hotel Kotabagh Jim Corbett

  • The Nature View Resort

Do I need any permission to fly solo in Kotabagh or any other place in Uttarakhand?

Yes, you need to take permission to fly paragliding in Uttarakhand from Uttarakhand tourism.

Download page no.14 from the website fill your all the detail and Email to

Conclusion -

All in all, Kotabagh is an excellent place to get introduced to the world of paragliding. This place is ideal if you want to experience the thrill of flying and gliding like a bird. However, if you wish to pursue it as a career then you can add it to your bucket list as well.


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