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Paragliding in Bir Billing with Safe Equipment & Licensed Pilot

Updated: 9 hours ago

This blog is for everyone looking for a safe & amazing paragliding experience in Bir Billing. In this blog, we have given you all the necessary details of Bir paragliding price, how to choose a safe pilot and company, take off's height, safety things to follow, the best seasons, and more.

Navigate the full guide with the pointers given below:-

Enjoy safe and best paragliding in Bir Billing with top 10 experience licensed pilots. Know all the details including , safety, price, instuctor, how to reach. Read more...

The attraction of Bir Billing paragliding.

Bir Billing is a beautiful village in Himachal Pradesh India, and it is one of the most popular places for paragliding in the world. Every year, thousands of people come to Bir Billing to enjoy the thrill of flying.

Bir Billing is situated in the foothills of the beautiful mountains of the Dhauladhar range, and the weather is perfect for flying. The takeoff point is located at an altitude of 2,400 meters, and there is big ground for landing.

While paragliding in Bir you will witness the beauty of snow-capped mountains, lush green forests, beautiful plain valleys, and rivers at once from a bird's eye view. If you are looking for an unforgettable experience, then a paragliding joyride in Bir Billing is the perfect adventure for you.

Price of different paragliding packages.

Types of Fly

Flying duration



15 - 25 minutes


Sunset fly

20 - 25 minutes


High fly

30 - 45 minutes


Cross country Fly

60 - 90 minutes


Best season and time for paragliding in Bir.

Paragliding in Bir Billing is open from September 15 to July 15. The best season is from October to March. Sunrise and sunset are the best time for calm and smooth flying. If you want a long and high flight then 11 am to 2 pm is the best time.

Minimum age and body weight require to paraglide in Bir.

To enjoy paragliding at Bir your body weight should be from 30 to 90 kg. And age groups from 14 years to 70+ years can go paragliding at Bir (basic health and fitness are required).

How to prepare for paragliding at Bir Billing?

You should be able to run a few (4-5) steps during the take-off and landing. You should not eat or drink heavily 3 hours before the flight. Do not drink alcohol before the flight, carry a water bottle with you. Wearing a windproof jacket, hiking boots, sunglass, & light gloves is a smart move.

Paragliding is not suitable for everyone. You must understand your capabilities and limitations before paragliding. If you are having a tough time climbing up the stairs, or are very sensible with heights then you should avoid paragliding because safety is our topmost priority.

How to choose a safe paragliding company and pilot in Bir?

When you are looking for safe paragliding then check equipment quality and emergency parachute, and check their license and experience. Read more to know the reason for paragliding accidents and how you can stay safe as a passenger.

Why choose DreamAdventures for paragliding in Bir Billing?

We are a team of paragliding pilots and we provide paragliding joyrides & paragliding courses all over India. We have checked all the companies, pilots' experience, and equipment personally.

We work with only experienced pilots and instructors and those companies who provide proper safety equipment and follow all the safety rules and regulations given by the Paragliding Association of India.

Safety is our first priority and we give you a safe and wonderful experience of paragliding at Bir Billing with India's top-ranked pilot.

Bir Billing paragliding Height

Billing is a take-off point at a height of 8,000ft and Bir is a landing point at a height of 4,500ft. During the flight, you can go up to a height of 8,000ft to 11,000ft above sea level in good weather conditions.


Thus Bir Billing is the best place for paragliding in India. The experience of jumping and flying over mountains makes you feel like an eagle. Make your Bir trip more memorable with a paragliding experience.

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