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Red Bull X-Alps 2023 All Set for Sunday Race

All Eyes on the Red Bull X-Alps: Athletes Share Hopes and Fears

Get the latest updates on the Red Bull X-Alps race as athletes share their hopes and fears. From Maxime Pinot's determination to Chrigel Maurer's champion mindset and Kinga Masztalerz's goal to break barriers, discover the excitement building up to the main race.

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Maxime Pinot Sets the Pace

In a clear display of his determination to win, Maxime Pinot, the newly crowned world champion, took the lead in the Red Bull X-Alps race. Being the first to conquer the Hahnenkamm and winning a thrilling sprint, Pinot sets high expectations for himself. However, he remains grounded and focuses on enjoying the race while maintaining efficiency. With years of preparation and a passion for the mountains, Pinot is ready to go all the way.

Chrigel Maurer: A Champion's Mindset

Chrigel Maurer, the seven-time champion of the Red Bull X-Alps race, approaches each edition with a fresh mindset. While he finished second in the Prologue race, Maurer's emphasis is on thorough preparation, readiness, and the enjoyment of the race. Recognizing the importance of mental well-being, Maurer recently made a crucial decision to change his team's preparation process, ensuring he is in the right state of mind for success.

Kinga Masztalerz: Breaking Barriers

Kinga Masztalerz from New Zealand, participating for the second time, aims to make history as the first woman to conquer the Red Bull X-Alps race. With an adventurous spirit, Masztalerz believes that anything can happen, and she remains optimistic about her chances. Reflecting on her previous experience as a valuable learning curve, she is eager to reach the winning float in Zell am See.

Countdown to the Main Race

After a day of rest, the main race of the Red Bull X-Alps will kick off in Schulgasse 2, Kitzbühel, on Sunday at 11:30. The anticipation builds as athletes, including Pinot, Maurer, and Masztalerz, prepare to embark on this thrilling adventure. Live coverage of the race, starting at 11:00, will be provided by race reporters Tarquin Cooper and former athlete Gavin McClurg.

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