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Roopkund Trek - A Thrilling Adventure in the Himalayas

The Roopkund trek is a popular trekking destination in the Indian Himalayas, known for its stunning landscapes, including deep virgin forests, gurgling brooks, undulating meadows, and snow and ice. The trek typically takes six days to complete, starting at 8,000 ft and reaching heights of 16,000 ft.

The highlight of the trek is the Roopkund Lake, also known as the Skeleton Lake, located at an altitude of 15,696 feet. The lake is famous for the hundreds of human skeletons found at its edge, adding an element of mystery to the trekking experience.

"Trekker standing by the crystal-clear Roopkund Lake, surrounded by snow-capped mountains and lush greenery, encapsulating the breathtaking beauty and mystery of the Roopkund Trek in the Indian Himalayas."

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Roopkund Trek Itinerary

1. Day 1: Arrival at Lohajung, the starting point of the trek. Trek to Didna Village.

2. Day 2: Trek from Didna Village to Ali Bugyal, a beautiful meadow with panoramic views.

3. Day 3: Trek from Ali Bugyal to Patar Nachauni, a campsite with stunning views.

4. Day 4: Trek from Patar Nachauni to Bhagwabasa, the last campsite before Roopkund Lake.

5. Day 5: Trek to Roopkund Lake and then to Bedni Bugyal. Return to Lohajung.


Roopkund Trek Information

- Duration: 6 days

- Altitude: 8,000 ft to 16,000 ft

- Special Feature: Roopkund Lake, also known as the Skeleton Lake


Roopkund Trek FAQs

1. Where is Roopkund Trekking?

Roopkund Trek is located in the Indian Himalayas, specifically in the state of Uttarakhand.

2. Is Roopkund Trek Dangerous?

Roopkund Trek is considered to have a moderate difficulty level and is suitable for beginners with a basic fit physique. While it is not classified as dangerous, proper preparation and adherence to safety guidelines are essential for a safe trekking experience.

3. Is Roopkund Trek Open?

Roopkund Trek is generally open during the trekking season, which usually spans from May to October. However, it is recommended to check with local authorities or tour operators for the most up-to-date information on trekking availability.

4. Roopkund Trek Best Time

The best time to visit Roopkund Trek is during the summer months from May to June and the post-monsoon season from September to October. These months offer favorable weather conditions for trekking and provide stunning views of the surrounding landscapes.

5. Roopkund Trek Length

The total distance covered during the Roopkund Trek is approximately 53 kilometers, with varying altitudes ranging from 8,000 ft to 16,000 ft.

6. Roopkund Trek Altitude

The highest point of the Roopkund Trek reaches an altitude of 16,499 ft, offering trekkers breathtaking views of the Himalayan peaks and surrounding landscapes.

7. Roopkund Trek Cost

The cost of the Roopkund Trek can vary depending on factors such as the tour operator, package inclusions, and additional services. It is advisable to research and compare different trekking companies to find a suitable and budget-friendly option.

8. How to Reach Roopkund Trek

The Roopkund Trek typically starts from the base camp at Lohajung, which is accessible by road from major cities like Delhi and Dehradun. From Lohajung, trekkers follow a well-defined route through picturesque villages and scenic landscapes to reach Roopkund Lake.

9. Roopkund Trek Route Map

A detailed route map of the Roopkund Trek can be obtained from local tour operators or trekking agencies, providing information on key waypoints, campsites, and terrain conditions along the trekking route.

10. Best Time to Visit Roopkund Trek

The best time to visit Roopkund Trek is during the summer months from May to June and the post-monsoon season from September to October. These months offer pleasant weather conditions and clear views of the surrounding Himalayan peaks, enhancing the overall trekking experience.


Plan your Roopkund Trek today and immerse yourself in the beauty and mystery of this enchanting Himalayan destination!


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