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Kotabagh Paragliding Skyride


10-20 minutes

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Complete Itinerary (Total duration - 1 hr 40 min)

  1. Reach the paragliding office. (0 min)

  2. Fill up the Indemnity Bond. (2min)

  3. 17km drive to the takeoff point in our cab. (45 min)

  4. Pilot will equip you with all paragliding safety equipment. (5 min)

  5. Briefing and preparation before paragliding. (20 min)

  6. Pilot will take you on an amazing paragliding Skyride with beautiful views. (10 - 20 min)

  7. Pilot will remove your paragliding safety equipment after landing. (2 min)

  8. Collect your paragliding video. (5 min)

  9. Take an unforgettable experience with you and enjoy your day.

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