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7 Major Facts of Paragliding Accidents & Deaths in India

Updated: Mar 1

Accidents are a very rare case in tandem paragliding but as you know frequent accidents & deaths are happening in different paragliding destinations in India due to a lack of knowledge, training, and equipment failure.

Our team of paragliding pilots has visited many paragliding sites and flown there and after meeting many experienced paragliding pilots and taking their reviews, we found that many accidents and deaths happening in India due to the following reason below...

  1. Using poor-quality paragliding equipment by tandem paragliding companies who provide cheap prices.

  2. Hiring a Less experienced pilot by the companies.

  3. Flying in unsafe weather to make money.

  4. The pilot didn’t check the passenger harness’s safety locks properly and later passenger fell during the flight and died.

  5. Not having a rescue parachute in flight (a rescue parachute is an emergency parachute the pilot use in case of any emergency during the flight)

  6. Pilots are performing acrobatic tricks with passengers without good training & knowledge.

  7. Pilots take alcohol or drugs before flying ( such as - opium (Chitta), ganja, tablet, etc.)

Know about reason for paragliding death and accidents. Read how you can save your life as a passenger. Read more...

News Source NDTV- 2 Killed, One Injured In Paragliding Accident In Himachal Pradesh

News Source NDTV - Hyderabad Doctor Dies In Paragliding Crash In Himachal Pradesh

The News minute-Telangana tourist and her guide killed in a paragliding accident in Sikkim.

News Source NDTV -24-Year-Old Dies In Paragliding Accident In Manali

News Source NDTV - Paraglider Pilot Dead, Tourist Injured In Accident In Bengal's Kalimpong

News Source NDTV -Navy Official Dies While Paragliding In Karnataka's Karwar

News Source NDTV - Paraglider Dies After Falling From Parachute In Assam

How to avoid all these accidents and be safe in tandem paragliding as a new person coming for a flying experience?

Follow these steps:

Follow these step before paragliding to stay away from accidents and deaths.

Check the weather before taking off

Before the take-off, if you notice there is very windy (wind 30km/h or more), the landing is not visible (covered with fog) & the sky is covered with grey nimbus clouds then refuse to fly.

Check your Equipment Properly

When the pilot attaches your harness if you notice that the harness, they are giving you is very old and torn, the lock is not working properly then ask them to change it or refuse to fly.

Pilot showing all the lock on the harness(Paragliding Equipment) and how to cross check them.

Check your harness safety locks one more time by yourself once before the flight.

Check pilot’s licenses and flying experience.

Paragliding harness with Rescue (emergency parachute) and its handle which we pull in case of any emergency situation to through rescue parachute

Check for Rescue Parachute.

Check if the pilot has a rescue parachute or not in his harness, which is the second life for both of you if anything goes wrong

Pilot Check

If you notice the pilot is not in a fresh mood or notice anything wrong behavior, refuse to fly.

Note: If you going paragliding in India you have to be very careful or you can lose your or your loved one's life.

How cheap paragliding will also kill you?

You might think you're getting a good deal by going with providing companies that charge less or offer you cheap deals, but they're usually skimping on the quality of their equipment or neglecting important safety steps to give you a cheaper rate.

Their rates are low because they're less experienced, and their lack of experience could put your life at risk.


Is your life just worth 3,000/- or more? Definitely not, hence do not bargain and go for a good quality experience because the experienced pilot and good quality paragliding equipment are very costly and those who don’t have good equipment and an experienced pilot will offer you cheap prices.

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Why choose DreamAdventures

We have personally checked the company which we offer our customers with good experience and safety. We are paragliding pilots hence we know it personally. We give paragliding joyride services all over India at more than 40 different paragliding destinations.

We always give safety a priority.

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