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Know about DreamAdventures team and mission.

DreamAdventures' Mission & Team

DreamAdventures is a chain of adventure activity organizers. We provide a range of activities and services to people interested in adventure sports.

We are well known for safely organizing adventurous activities and events. Our slogan "Dream it, Live it" is at the very core of the company's mission to encourage people to explore their adventurous side.

Our mission is to spread adventure awareness and provide the best adventure activities around India safely. We work with verified partners who provide the best equipment for your experience and all our instructors are certified, professionals.

Meet Our Team

We are a team of adventure enthusiasts, we aim to provide you with the best and safest experience of your life. We believe that adventure has no boundaries and a person should get the opportunity to pursue any adventure activity he or she desires.


We believe in spreading awareness of adventure activities among people and encouraging them to pursue the passion they always wanted to have.     

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Umesh Sharma

Team Pilot & Founder 

I am Umesh Sharma Founder & team pilot of DreamAdventures and also a solo paragliding pilot. I have been flying for the last 3 years. Adventure has been my dream since childhood & finally after so many years, my Dream of Adventure getting true. And we the team of DreamAdventures are here to help your Dream of Adventure come true... 


Kishan Katwal

Team Pilot & Business Head

Kishan has a lot of paragliding experience. He's been flying since 2015 and has over a thousand hours under his belt. Kishan is a man of few words, yet he embodies dedication. Zehar is a brilliant and natural solo pilot who is tremendously dedicated to his craft.

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rahul paragliding pilot india

Rahul Rai

Team Pilot & Marketing Head

Rahul is a young and vivacious paragliding pilot who has been flying since 2016. He's generally seen smiling mischievously and pulling a trick on one of his teammates. He is trendy, charming, and a wonderful person.

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thirthan paragliding

Rahul Panwar

Team Pilot

Rahul is a consummate gentleman and the personification of genuineness. Rahul has everything going for him, including a lovely smile. He has a good attitude, which is reflected in his desire to continue learning and progressing in all aspects of his job. He is a focused young man with a friendly demeanor.

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Ali Tara

Team Pilot

It is our honor to introduce the newest & youngest member of our flying family…Ali Tara. He is just 14 years old and has been flying since 2021.

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