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Dobhi Paragliding Accident Killed Pilot & Tourist at Kullu

Updated: Feb 4

The paragliding site Dobhi in the Kullu district is famous for its scenic beauty and unique feature. There are many people who go there for paragliding, but at 11:30 am June 15, 2022, it turned into a tragedy

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Police taking pilot to the hospital on serious condition on the stacher after paragliding accident in Dobhi on Wednesday.

The incident took place on Wednesday morning when a paraglider took off from Dobhi (Dist. Kullu, Himachal Pradesh) around 11:30 am. The paraglider takes off into the air and soon after fell to the ground rolling uncontrollably in the air.

The locals rushed to the spot, but they could not rescue him due to injuries sustained due to a fall. After this, there was chaos at the paragliding site and the local people got involved in relief work. At the same time, Patlikuhal police also reached the spot.

Aditya Sharma (20) son Amit Sharma Ashok Nagar Ambala Cantt Haryana and pilot Krishna Gopal (24) son Nami Ram resident Bhatkral Shirdh have been identified as the deceased.

According to reports, Aditya Sharma visited Manali to see family members before heading to Dobhi to go paragliding on Wednesday. The family members are in critical condition as a result of the accident.

Senior Superintendent of Police Kullu Gurdev Sharma stated that the police are investigating the incident. "The deceased are from Haryana, and their bodies have been sent for post-mortem examination," Sharma explained.


Our team a DreamAdventures feels very bad for the families of these two victims who lost their lives. I hope that all the people who are involved in this sport will be careful because this could happen again if not careful enough.

We should be extra cautious while indulging in adventure sports so that it does not end in tragedy.

Please read our blog Paragliding Accidents and deaths in India & how to avoid them and stay safe.

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