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5 Best Trekking in Sikkim for December 2024

Sikkim, a breathtaking state nestled in the eastern Himalayas, offers an unparalleled trekking experience that combines pristine natural beauty, rich cultural heritage, and thrilling adventures. As December approaches 2024, trekkers from around the world prepare to embark on an extraordinary journey through this Himalayan paradise.

Table of contents:

Experience a Himalayan adventure in Sikkim this December 2024! Our guide reveals trekking secrets amid majestic peaks, catering to all levels. Gain planning tips and insights into the transformative journey of trekking. Discover Sikkim's wilderness and forge unforgettable memories! Learn more...


Trekking Trails of Sikkim

Sikkim boasts a diverse range of trekking trails tailored to varying fitness levels and preferences. From gentle walks to challenging alpine ascents, there's an adventure waiting for every trekker.

Popular trekking destinations include:

  • Goechala Trek: A strenuous but highly rewarding trail that leads to the Goechala pass, offering panoramic views of the Kanchenjunga range.

  • Kanchenjunga Base Camp Trek: A longer and more challenging adventure that takes trekkers to the base of the world's third-highest mountain.

  • Dzongri Trek: A moderate trek that offers stunning views of the Himalayas, including Mt. Kabru, Mt. Pandim, and Mt. Kanchenjunga.

  • Singalila Trek: A picturesque trail that winds through forests, rhododendron blooms, and local villages.

  • Green Lake Trek: A short but challenging trek that leads to the emerald-green Samiti Lake.


Best Time to Trek in Sikkim

December offers an ideal window to experience the magic of Sikkim's trekking trails. The weather is typically clear and crisp, with moderate temperatures and minimal precipitation. The snow-capped peaks and lush greenery create a breathtaking backdrop for your adventure.


Preparing for Your Trek

Before embarking on your trekking expedition, it's essential to prepare thoroughly. Here are some essential tips:

  • Choose the right trail: Consider your fitness level and experience when selecting a trekking trail.

  • Stay informed: Research the weather conditions, altitude sickness symptoms, and local regulations.

  • Book in advance: Trekking permits are required for most trails. Make sure to secure yours in advance.

  • Pack appropriately: Wear comfortable hiking boots, and breathable clothing, and carry essentials like food, water, and a first-aid kit.

  • Hire a local guide: A knowledgeable guide can enhance your trekking experience and ensure your safety.



1. What other trekking options are available in Sikkim?

Sikkim offers various trekking trails, including the Yuksom Trek, the Pelling Trek, and the Thangu Valley Trek.

2. How high do the trekking trails reach?

The altitude of trekking trails in Sikkim varies depending on the route. The Goechala Trek culminates at 4940 meters, while the Green Lake Trek reaches 5400 meters.

3. What is the cost of the Goechala Trek?

The cost of the Goechala Trek varies depending on the package and duration. Prices typically range from $150 to $300.

4. What is the altitude of Dzongri during the trek?

Dzongri is situated at an altitude of 4200 meters during the trek.

5. Can I do a 2-3 day trek in Sikkim?

Yes, the Dzongri Trek and the Yuksom Trek are both suitable for 2-3-day treks in Sikkim.



Embarking on a trekking expedition in Sikkim during December 2024 promises an unforgettable journey amidst the pristine beauty of the Himalayas. With its pristine trekking trails, ideal weather conditions, and welcoming locals, Sikkim offers an adventure that will create everlasting memories.

By planning meticulously, choosing the right trail, and following the recommended preparations, you can ensure a safe, exhilarating, and transformative trekking experience. Let this guide be your beacon as you venture into the heart of the Himalayas.


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