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Exploring the Safety Features of Nova Prion 5 ENA School Glider

Explore the Nova Prion 5 ENA wing's remarkable safety features. Witness its stability in collapses, stalls, and spirals. Your paragliding adventures just got safer! Read more...

Introduction: In today's blog post, we will be delving into the safety features of the Nova Prion 5, a new ENA (Entry-level and Intermediate Paragliding) wing from Nova. Through a series of demonstrations, we will highlight the glider's impressive stability and resilience. Join us as we explore the collapses and certification process, revealing just how safe an ENA wing can be. Important Details:

- Front Collapse: The first test involves intentionally collapsing the front of the wing. With the brakes released, the pilot initiates the maneuver by pulling the air risers. Despite the suspension lines being manipulated, the Prion 5 remains unaffected, demonstrating its robust structure. - Bar Control Collapse: Next, the pilot performs a collapse while using the speed bar. This time, the pilot activates the bar control by pulling it three times. Surprisingly, the glider remains stable without any significant collapse. - Side Collapse: The Prion 5 showcases its agility as the pilot executes a side collapse. With a simple one-two-three count, only a quarter turn of rotation occurs, highlighting the easy recovery from this maneuver. - High-Speed Collapse: The pilot pushes the wings to their limits by flying at full speed and inducing a collapse. Even under these extreme conditions, the Prion 5 only experiences a slight increase in rotation, proving its ability to handle challenging situations. - Stall Test: To further emphasize the wing's safety, the pilot engages in a stall. By releasing at the right moment, the Prion 5 demonstrates a smooth recovery, highlighting its predictable behavior in critical situations. - Spiral Stability: The pilot enters a spiral maneuver, showcasing the glider's stability. Even in a shallower spiral, the Prion 5 requires little pilot intervention, ensuring a safe and enjoyable flight.


The Nova Prion 5 ENA exhibits exceptional safety features, making it an ideal choice for pilots seeking a reliable wing in the entry-level and intermediate categories. Through rigorous testing, the glider withstood front and bar control collapses, side collapses, and high-speed collapses, all while maintaining stability and recoverability.

Additionally, the Prion 5 displayed impeccable behavior during stalls and spirals, further solidifying its reputation as a safe and trustworthy wing. Whether you're a seasoned pilot or a beginner, the Nova Prion 5 ENA promises an enjoyable and secure paragliding experience.

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