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Paragliding Accident in Bir Billing:10 Deaths in Two Years (why?)

Updated: Feb 18

Bir Billing Paragliding Accident- know about the incidents and reason 7 deaths in two years. Read more...

Paragliding adventure sports, despite their thrill and beauty, have unfortunately been associated with incidents involving deaths. In this article, we delve into the fatal flights that occurred in Bir Billing over two years, highlighting the importance of safety precautions and the need for stricter regulations.

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Know how 12 years boy lost his life in during Bir Billing paragliding accident. Read more...

December 2022: The tragic death of 12-year-old Advik

The tragic death of 12-year-old Advik in a paragliding accident in Himachal Pradesh highlights the urgent need for improved safety regulations. Advik's father, Rishabh, is determined to prevent similar tragedies and wants the state government to take notice.

Overcrowded and unsafe vehicles, unregulated paragliding agencies, and a lack of enforcement contribute to the risks faced by tourists. Advik's passion for nature and the devastating loss of his young life poignant reminders that immediate action is necessary to ensure the safety of adventure sports enthusiasts in the region.


November 21, 2021: A 32-year-old man died falling from a paraglider

Paragliding accidents in Bir Billing have raised safety concerns. In this incident, a 30-year-old resident fell to his death due to loose harnesses and belts. Over the years, many accidents have occurred, resulting in fatalities. Neglect of safety guidelines by pilots and lack of proper supervision have contributed to the problem.


October 16: The paragliding helper and passenger both died, pilot injured

Two individuals tragically lost their lives in another mishap involving paragliding in Bir Billing. The deceased have been identified as Akash Aggarwal, a 31-year-old resident of Ghaziabad, and Rakesh Kumar, a 29-year-old who was assisting the pilot during takeoff.

The pilot, Vikas Kapoor, sustained serious injuries and has been taken to a nearby medical facility. Initial investigations suggest that Rakesh Kumar got entangled in the glider's risers, leading to a loss of control.

January 8: Missing paraglider found deceased in Bir Billing

In a heartbreaking turn of events, a Delhi man who embarked on a paragliding adventure from Billing went missing in the Dhauladhar ranges. After an exhaustive search, his body was discovered five months later. This incident underscores the need for robust communication systems, efficient search and rescue operations, and adherence to safety guidelines in remote and challenging terrains.


November 30, 2020: Canadian pilot's tragic crash landing

A Canadian pilot met a tragic fate when his paraglider crash-landed near Bir. The specific circumstances leading to the accident remain unclear, but it serves as a stark reminder of the importance of maintaining and regularly inspecting paragliding equipment to prevent untoward incidents.


November 9, 2022: A 34-year-old Navy officer died in Bir Billing during paragliding

Bibin Dev, a 34-year-old Navy officer from Kerala, lost his life in a paragliding accident near Billing. Despite efforts to control the glider, he crashed and sustained fatal injuries. Dev was taken to the Army hospital in Palampur but unfortunately couldn't survive.

This incident marks the third paragliding mishap in the past two months. Billing, known for its paragliding, has faced controversy due to the lack of proper regulations and oversight. The negligence of safety measures and training has led to an increase in accidents in recent years. The state tourism department has guidelines in place, but they are often disregarded.


October 20, 2023: 29-year-old pilot (Abhiuday Verma) from Lucknow.

In a tragic paragliding accident at Bir-Billing, Himachal Pradesh, P3-qualified pilot Abhiuday Verma crashed shortly after takeoff. Despite being trained, his glider stalled, possibly due to excessive brake input. The founder of PG Gurukul, Gurpreet Dhindsa, initiated an investigation to prevent future incidents, expressing deep regret over the unprecedented tragedy. Read the complete news here.


Know the reason how 34 years old Navi officer lost his life during paragliding accident in Bir Billing. Read more...


The paragliding accidents that have occurred in Bir Billing over the past two years serve as somber reminders of the risks associated with this adventure sport. Paragliding operators, trainers, and enthusiasts must know the paragliding danger and prioritize safety above all else.

Stricter regulations, enhanced training programs, regular equipment maintenance, and thorough risk assessments are imperative to mitigate the chances of accidents and ensure the well-being of individuals engaging in paragliding activities. By learning from these unfortunate incidents, we can work towards creating a safer environment for this thrilling yet potentially hazardous sport.

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