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Gaumukh Tapovan Trek - A Spiritual Journey to the Source of Ganga

The Gaumukh Tapovan trek is a mystical journey that takes you to the sacred source of the Ganges River, where icy glaciers meet ancient mythology. This 8-day adventure blends spirituality, mythology, and thrilling experiences as you traverse through the Gangotri glacier to reach the spot where the holy Ganga originates.

A mystical journey to Gaumukh Tapovan, the sacred source of the Ganges River. Trek highlights, itinerary, and FAQs included.

Table Of Contents


Trek Highlights

- Location: Uttarakhand, India

- Difficulty: Moderate

- Trek Duration: 8 days

- Best Time to Visit: May to June, September to October



- Day 1: Arrival in Gangotri

- Day 2: Gangotri to Chirbasa

- Day 3: Chirbasa to Bhojbasa

- Day 4: Bhojbasa to Gaumukh

- Day 5: Gaumukh to Tapovan

- Day 6: Tapovan to Nandanvan

- Day 7: Nandanvan to Gangotri

- Day 8: Departure



1. Is the Tapovan trek difficult?

- The Gaumukh Tapovan trek is considered to be a moderate-level trek, suitable for individuals with some prior experience of high altitudes. The trail offers a moderate challenge, but with proper preparation, it can be accomplished by most trekkers.

2. How long is the trek to Gaumukh?

- The trail to Gaumukh is approximately 18 km long and starts from Gangotri, a town situated on the banks of the Bhagirathi River. According to legend, this is where Goddess Ganga descended when Lord Shiva released the river from his locks.

3. What is the cost of the Gaumukh trek?

- The cost of the Gaumukh Tapovan trek without transportation is INR 10,900 per person, while with transportation (Dehradun to Dehradun) it is INR 13,400 per person. These prices may vary depending on the tour operator and inclusions.

4. Can Tapovan Trek be done solo?

- Yes, with sufficient preparation and knowledge of the trek route, it is possible to undertake the Gaumukh Tapovan trek solo. However, it is recommended to go with a guide or group for safety reasons.

5. What is the best time to do the Gaumukh Tapovan trek?

- The best time to embark on the Gaumukh Tapovan trek is during the months of May to June and September to October when the weather is pleasant, and the trekking conditions are favorable.


The Gaumukh Tapovan trek is a moderate to difficult trek in Uttarakhand that offers stunning views of Mt. Shivling, the Bhagirathi sisters, and the Gangotri glacier. The highest point of the trek reaches an altitude of 4,463 meters (14,640 feet) with significant altitude gain, posing a risk of altitude sickness for those not acclimatized.

Proper acclimatization, staying hydrated, and consulting with a doctor are recommended precautions. The trek involves a steep ascent to Tapovan, a high-altitude alpine meadow, with a challenging climb in the last kilometer that includes crossing the Akash Ganga stream.

The terrain consists of streams, boulder fields, and steep climbs, making it physically demanding.

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