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Complete FAQs for Paragliding Training in India Asked by Beginner Pilots

Updated: Apr 16, 2023


In this guide, we have answered all the real common questions asked by our beginner pilots before they joined for paragliding training in India with DreamAdvntures. From the location of training, fee, duration, school, instructor experience, and certification, we have covered all questions you have in your mind before you join us for your new adventure journey.

Navigate answers to your questions from the given pointers below:-

2 pilots doing paragliding ground handling practice at Kamshet landing  ground

Where do we provide Paragliding training in India?

We provide paragliding training in two different locations in India.

  1. Bir Billing, Himachal Pradesh.

  2. Kamshet, Maharashtra (100 km from Mumbai city and 45 km from Pune city).

2. What are the types and duration of the training?

Course type

Bir Billing


P1 and P2 - basic course

7 days

6 Days

P1, P2, & P3 - basic + advance

20 - 25 days

10 days

3. What are the fees for paragliding training in Bir Billing and Kamshet?


Bir Billing Price, with stay

Bir Billing Price, without food & stay

Kamshet Price, with food & stay

Kamshet Price, without food & stay

P1 and P2

34,000 Including GST

30,000 Including GST

36,000 + 18% GST extra

32,000 + 18% GST extra

P1, P2, and P3

70,000 Including GST

60,000 Including GST

58,000 + 18% GST extra

51,000 + 18% GST

4. What are the training batches dates, can I join anytime?

Our course will start from 1st October to 30th April. Yes, you can join on any dates suitable for you between October to April months.

5. Do we provide food and accommodation during the paragliding training?

Yes, in Bir Billing and Kamshet of the location we provide only accommodation during the paragliding courses (included in the fees). You have to stay 2/3 sharing a room or dome.

If you want to stay outside school camps then we can arrange for a hotel or homestay near our schools which is comfortable and convenient for you to stay in. You need to pay for the rest of your stay at that location depending on how long you wish to stay.

6. What is the best season for beginners paragliding training?

October to March is the best time of year to learn paragliding. The weather is generally more pleasant during this time, with no strong winds, and more stable and smooth wind conditions. This makes it ideal for beginners to get a safe solo flight and build their flying skills.

a girl standing on the take and holding both the break of her paraglider to keep her glider above her head and ready to take off during beginner paragliding  course.

7. What is the required body weight and fitness for paragliding training?

For paragliding training, you should have a decent body weight and fitness level. The minimum requirement is 40 kg (88 pounds) with a basic level of fitness capable of running at a decent speed at least for 1-2km with carrying 10 kg of weight.

8. What you will learn in P1, P2, and P3 paragliding courses?

During P1 you will learn about the different parts of the paragliding equipment and their use. You will learn forward take-off and handle the glider on the ground and basic knowledge of meteorology.

During P2 You will learn the basic skills of flying. You will learn how to control your glider, how to land safely, and how to use your brake and body weight to change direction in the air.

During P3 the main focus is on gaining confidence in flying a paraglider. You will learn how to soar like a bird, how to gain and lose heights and you will learn flight safety and air traffic rules.

9. Who will teach you paragliding at DreamAdventures?

DreamAdventures is a team of professional paragliding pilots in India, where our experienced and passionate instructors will teach you how to fly. We are providing you with the best paragliding schools and instructors in India who are also certified by the BHPA (British Hang Gliding & Paragliding Association).

10. Why choose DreamAdventures to learn paragliding training?

DreamAdventures is a company run by paragliding pilots, we have an extremely good team and are committed to making your paragliding dream come true. Learning paragliding is not a one-day training process. It takes a lot of effort, time, money, and above all, a passion for adventure.

You are invited to join the DreamAdventures Pilot Club once you have completed the paragliding training. With the assistance of our skilled club pilots and team pilots, you may continue your flying career or enhance your flying talents at the club.

The club's atmosphere is safe and friendly, you can concentrate on learning and refining your flying skills.


DreamAdventures provide a paragliding course with the leading paragliding school in India. Our instructors are professional and experienced and will teach you everything you need to know about becoming a paragliding pilot.

So if you are looking for a fun activity at an affordable price with friendly people who care about your safety then this might be your answer!



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