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Unveiling the Magic of Milam Glacier Trek in Uttarakhand

Embark on an unforgettable journey through the rugged terrains and breathtaking landscapes of Uttarakhand with the exhilarating Milam Glacier trek. This trek is not just a physical challenge but also a spiritual experience as you witness the stunning beauty of the Milam Glacier, one of the most beautiful glaciers in the world.

A group of trekkers traversing rugged terrains and lush green valleys on the exhilarating Milam Glacier trek in Uttarakhand, India, with the majestic glacier visible in the distance.

Table Of Contents


The Ultimate Adventure Itinerary

- Day 1: Begin your adventure with an arrival at Kathgodam, Nainital

- Day 2: Drive from Kathgodam to Munsyari

- Day 3: Trek from Munsyari to Dhakuri

- Day 4: Trek from Dhakuri to Lwali

- Day 5: Trek from Lwali to Milam Glacier Base Camp

- Day 6: Explore the mesmerizing Milam Glacier

- Day 7: Trek back from Milam Glacier Base Camp to Munsyari


Unraveling the Trekking Route and Highlights

The 3km trekking route for the day takes you through rugged terrains, quaint villages, and breathtaking landscapes. Situated at an elevation of 3,438 meters above sea level, the Milam Glacier covers an area of 37 square kilometers.

The trek involves moderate walks using good treks to cross through the challenging terrains, offering a truly immersive experience.


Ideal Time to Embark on the Adventure

The best time to undertake the Milam Glacier trek is during the summer months of May to June and September to October. These months provide clear skies, pleasant weather, and ideal trekking conditions for adventurers seeking an unforgettable experience.


Essential Tips for Adventurers

- Make sure to equip yourself with proper trekking gear and clothing.

- Stay hydrated throughout the journey and carry an adequate amount of water.

- Follow the guidance of your trekking guide and remain attentive to your surroundings.

- Take breaks when necessary and listen to your body's needs.

- Show respect for the environment by leaving no trace behind.



Q1. How long is the Milam Glacier Trek?

The Milam Glacier trek covers a total distance of 120 kilometers and typically spans over 8 days.

Q2. How can one reach Milam village?

To reach Milam village, start by arriving at the Kathgodam Railway Station, the nearest railway station to the trek. From there, embark on a journey to the village located in the picturesque Pithoragarh District of Uttarakhand.

Q3. What is the altitude of Milam Glacier?

Milam Glacier is perched at a height of 4250 meters above sea level in the district of Pithoragarh, Uttarakhand.

Q4. Which river originates from Milam Glacier?

The majestic Goriganga River, also known as the Saryu River, originates from the Milam Glacier in the Nepal Himalayas.

Q5. What are the standout features of the Milam Glacier trek?

The trek showcases stunning views of rugged terrains, quaint villages, and the majestic Milam Glacier, making it a must-visit destination for adventure enthusiasts.


Delving Deeper into the Milam Glacier Trek

Located in the captivating Pithoragarh district of Uttarakhand, India, the 16-kilometer-long Milam Glacier sits at an altitude of approximately 3,870 meters above sea level. This trek offers enchanting Himalayan vistas, guiding trekkers through verdant meadows, lush green valleys, waterfalls, pine forests, and gushing streams.

With a moderate grading, the trail features rivers, water streams, canyons, and crevasses, providing a truly immersive experience. Commencing from Munsiyari, the trek leads to the charming village of Milam near the glacier's snout.


Embrace your inner adventurer and set forth on the remarkable journey of the Milam Glacier trek in Uttarakhand. Immerse yourself in the beauty of nature and create lasting memories on this thrilling expedition.

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