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Travel Advisory for Adventure Enthusiasts in Himachal Pradesh

Updated: Aug 12, 2023

Travel advisory for adventure enthusiasts in Himachal Pradesh. Planning an adventure-filled trip to Himachal Pradesh? Check out our blog for vital safety tips, road closure updates, and expert advice on paragliding and other thrilling sports. Read more...

Himachal Pradesh, a paradise for adventure seekers, has been experiencing relentless rain and unfavorable weather conditions, impacting travel plans and safety concerns for tourists. With the onset of the monsoon, the state and several parts of North India have witnessed heavy downpours, leading to road closures, landslides, and disrupted communication networks.

In light of these circumstances, it is crucial for adventure enthusiasts, especially those seeking paragliding and other thrilling sports, to exercise caution and prioritize safety. This blog aims to provide comprehensive information and guidance for travelers planning adventure activities in Himachal Pradesh during this period.

Current Situation

The recent heavy rainfall has taken a toll on transportation infrastructure, particularly the roads connecting popular destinations. The stretch of the road between Kullu and Manali has experienced significant damage, with portions collapsing into the River Beas.

Furthermore, landslides are a high risk along the Mandi to Kullu route. As a precautionary measure, movement towards Rohtang and Atal Tunnel has been temporarily suspended. The Manali-Leh highway is currently closed, and the situation in Spiti Valley is worsening.

Additionally, the Shimla-Kalka train service has been canceled due to the heightened risk of landslides. These circumstances have prompted authorities to advise against any trips to the region, urging travelers to stay within their accommodations and avoid venturing out unnecessarily.

Safety Measures for Adventure Enthusiasts

Refrain from Traveling

Given the prevailing conditions, it is strongly advised to postpone any plans for adventure sports in Himachal Pradesh until the situation stabilizes. Safety should be the utmost priority, and engaging in risky activities during this period is not recommended.

Stay Informed

Regularly monitor weather updates and travel advisories issued by local authorities, the Himachal Pradesh Police, and the Department of Tourism. Stay connected with news sources and reliable local contacts for real-time information on road conditions, landslides, and any potential risks.

Respect Road Closures

Heed the road closures and diversions implemented by the authorities. These measures are in place to ensure public safety. Attempting to bypass or ignore roadblocks can be dangerous and lead to unforeseen complications.

Communicate and Register

If you are already in the region, inform your family and friends about your whereabouts and itinerary. Register with your respective embassy or consulate and share emergency contact numbers with your loved ones. This will facilitate swift assistance if needed.

Follow Professional Advice

Consult with local adventure sports operators, guides, and experts before engaging in any activities. They possess valuable knowledge about current conditions and can offer guidance on the feasibility and safety of paragliding or other adventure sports during this period.

Prioritize Authorized Operators

When choosing an adventure sports operator, ensure they are licensed and certified. Verify their credentials, reputation, and adherence to safety standards. Authorized operators are more likely to have robust safety measures in place.

Follow Safety Protocols

If you decide to participate in adventure activities despite the challenging circumstances, strictly adhere to safety protocols provided by the operators. Wear appropriate safety gear, follow instructions diligently, and maintain situational awareness at all times.

Stay Away from Water Streams

The raging rivers and mountain streams pose a significant risk during heavy rainfall. Avoid venturing close to or crossing water streams as they can become fast-flowing and dangerous. It is strongly advised against swimming or other water-related activities during this period.

Be Cautious in the Mountains

The hilly terrain of Himachal Pradesh is prone to landslides during heavy rainfall. Exercise caution when trekking or hiking, and avoid trails near steep slopes or vulnerable areas. Stay updated on local reports and expert advice regarding trail safety.

Maintain Communication

While telecommunication networks may be disrupted in certain areas, try to have alternative communication methods available. Carry a fully charged mobile phone, or portable chargers, and consider investing in a satellite phone or other means of emergency communication.


Himachal Pradesh, known for its breathtaking landscapes and thrilling adventure sports, currently faces challenges posed by heavy rainfall and inclement weather conditions. Travelers seeking paragliding and other adventurous activities are strongly advised to exercise caution and prioritize safety.

It is recommended to postpone travel plans until the situation improves and consult with local authorities and certified adventure sports operators for up-to-date information. Always prioritize personal safety and adhere to safety protocols provided by professionals.

Stay informed, stay connected, and be mindful of the risks associated with engaging in adventure sports during this period. Your safety is paramount, and taking the necessary precautions will ensure a memorable and secure experience when the weather conditions stabilize in Himachal Pradesh.

Disclaimer: The information provided in this blog is based on the available reports and updates at the time of writing. The situation may change rapidly, and it is essential to refer to official sources and local authorities for the most accurate and up-to-date information.



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