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Complete Guide to Prepare for Paragliding Course in India

Updated: Feb 10

Paragliding lets you take to the skies like a bird. Flying is a lot of fun! To help new pilots we put together this guide to paragliding (for beginners) - want to learn to fly? Follow these beginner paragliding tips and you will be hooked in no time.

Get complete guide to prepare for paragliding course in India. Read about physical fitness, attitude, mind, and time required for training. Read more

Enroll for a course online

The first step towards learning paragliding is finding a good paragliding course near you. It is necessary to practice paragliding regularly. Constant travel and weekends are expected of a student pilot who must complete various courses.

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You can check for any local paragliding schools or contact DreamAdventures. It is important to find instructors who have experience in teaching and flying. One should also check whether the school has all the necessary equipment required for training.

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Clothes & shoes for paragliding

You'll need a pair of shoes with good traction and knee protection. Consider hiking boots.  They are inconvenient, but they are preferred better than broken or sprained ankles. There will be a lot of running and dragging, so investing in a nice shoe will be worthwhile.

Clothes must also offer some protection from abrasions.

You'll need gear that's suitable for the season and provides optimum sun protection.

Please wear clothes that have zippers. You will lose your phone, money, and other valuables if you run with a paraglider.

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Physical Fitness

The first three days of paragliding training (P1) are strenuous in terms of physical exertion. You must be physically capable of running/jogging/walking 2-3 kilometers. At the very least, be able to carry 12-15kg for a kilometer. Please begin training a month before the commencement of your paragliding course and get in shape. You will not enjoy your P1 course if you do not do so.

Mind & Time

Meeting after meeting after meeting.  Many of the students who come to us are anxious about their work and appear to be constantly in meetings.

Training them is challenging. You can never gain confidence in your takeoff method if you are not 100 percent committed to your paragliding course.

If we believe a pupil is incapable of flying, we do not let them do so. Before you come to training, please make sure your schedule and calendar are clear.

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We admire folks who have an optimistic outlook on life. As a paragliding student, you will experience physical and emotional strain, as well as frustrations and feelings of wanting to give up.

We will assist you in all of these areas as teachers, but the only need is that you are determined to never give up.

Persist, and when you leave the ground and take your first flight, it will all be worth it. You can rely on us.

Safety precautions

I know, it's a bit of a dramatic image. We place a high priority on safety. We must ensure your safety.

We reiterate safety guidelines and become enraged when kids disregard them. Unlike other activities, paragliding has the potential to be fatal.

Please keep this in mind and make sure everything is correct. If anything doesn't seem right, ask your professors hundreds of times. Trust your instincts. Trust your training. Never blindly trust your equipment.


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Don't forget to bring hydration bags/water bottles

Dehydration occurs as a result of exposure to the sun, which leads to a loss of focus. Please consider purchasing a hydration backpack; they are inexpensive and well worth the investment.

We notice a lot of youngsters begging for water from other classmates. It is priceless to everyone and difficult to share.

It's a simple thing, but it'll be crucial. Wear sunglasses and use decent UV sunscreen. These are necessary instruments for a pleasurable training experience. Carry glucose and sweets with you to eat during your training

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Popular Paragliding FAQs

Is it difficult to learn paragliding?

Paragliding is the easiest and safest sport to master the fundamentals and do a solo flight. The sport may be learned by almost anybody. Make sure you attend a reputable school with enthusiastic instructors and a welcoming flying location.

Is paragliding good for health?

Paragliding is an easy technique to strengthen one's core, resulting in better balance, posture, and stability. During strenuous body workouts or activities, paragliding activates your core muscles, which improves your body strength and reduces your chance of injury.

Is paragliding an extreme sport?

Paragliding is an extreme sport, but it is one of the safest extreme sports in the world. The vast majority of paraglider pilots will never experience a serious incident, and as long as you keep your skills up to date and follow standard safety procedures, your risk of having an accident is extremely low.

How much does complete paragliding equipment cost?

Paragliders are available in a variety of pricing ranges, from novice gliders to competition sports gliders. New complete paragliding equipment can cost anywhere from $3,000 to $7,000 on average, with the average mid-range glider costing $4,500.

checkout for secondhand paragliding equipment.

How long does it take to master a paraglider?

The answer is probably not long (compared with other sports), but it depends on your skills, your location, and the weather. To be a competent paraglider pilot you need to learn to how to do more than just launch and fly.

You also need to know about the weather, air law, rescue, and maintenance. Your learning will take place over several seasons and locations so it is hard to give an exact answer.

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Paragliding may seem scary and intimidating but it is a great sport that anyone can learn, as long as they take their time and follow proper technique! Having a great set of instructors and safe, reliable equipment will make all the difference in your experience of learning to paraglide.

If you want to learn how to fly and see the world from above DreamAdventures is here to help you with the right course for you!

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