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How to Prepare for Your Paragliding Course (Complete Guide)

Updated: Feb 27

To help you as a new paragliding pilot, we put together all the easy steps to prepare for the paragliding course. Follow these beginner paragliding tips and you will enjoy and learn safely.

Table of contents:

Get complete guide to prepare for paragliding course in India. Read about physical fitness, attitude, mind, and time required for training. Read more

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To begin your paragliding journey, it's essential to enroll in a certified paragliding course. Research different schools and instructors, read reviews, and choose a school that focuses on safety, uses the latest & certified equipment, and has well-experienced instructors. Consult with DreamAdventures' experts.

Note - Always choose a safe and good school over a cheap deal provided by unsafe paragliding schools and instructors, remember that you have only one life.

Enroll online for paragliding course with DreamAdventures.

Things to carry for your paragliding course

Before joining your paragliding course, it's important to be well-prepared. Here are some essential items to bring along:

  • Suitable Clothing: When choosing clothing for your paragliding course, opt for comfortable attire suitable for outdoor activities. Consider wearing layered clothing to adapt to varying weather conditions. It's important to prioritize clothing that offers protection against abrasions. Additionally, it's advisable to wear clothes with zippers, as running with a paraglider may lead to the loss of personal belongings such as phones, money, or other valuables, so it's important to take precautions to prevent such mishaps.

  • Sturdy footwear: Invest in suitable footwear with good traction and knee protection for your paragliding training. Hiking boots, despite being slightly inconvenient, are highly recommended as they provide better ankle support and minimize the risk of sprains or injuries. Paragliding involves running and dragging during takeoff, landing, and ground practice, having a reliable shoe is a worthwhile investment that ensures your comfort and safety.

  • Water bottle/hydration Bag: To combat dehydration and maintain focus during your paragliding training, remember to bring your own water bottle or hydration bag. Sun exposure can lead to dehydration, so it's crucial to stay hydrated. Consider investing in a hydration backpack or bottle, which are cost-effective and eco-friendly alternatives to single-use plastic water bottles. Additionally, carrying glucose and sweets can provide a quick energy boost during your training sessions. This ensures you have a personal supply and avoids the inconvenience of relying on others for water or snacks.

  • Other essential items: Don't forget to pack essential items like sunglasses, sunscreen, and a windproof jacket to shield yourself from the sun, and wind, & ensure your comfort throughout the training.

Physical Fitness for the paragliding course

The first initial three days of paragliding ground training (during P1) require significant physical effort. It's essential to be physically prepared to run, jog, or walk distances of 2-3 kilometers and carry a load of 12-15kg for a kilometer.

Start training at least a month before your paragliding course to improve your fitness level. Getting in shape beforehand is crucial for an enjoyable training experience. Adequate physical preparation will enhance your overall performance and enjoyment during the training.

Physical fitness and heath required for paragliding course. Read more..

Mind & Time for paragliding course

Frequent meetings and work-related stress are common concerns among many students. Training such individuals becomes challenging as their commitment to the paragliding course is compromised. Building confidence in takeoff methods requires wholehearted dedication.

Dedicate your time and energy to learning and practicing the sport. Be prepared for both theoretical and practical sessions during your course. Take the time to understand the principles of aerodynamics, meteorology, and safety protocols.

If an instructor assesses any student or you to be unfit for flying, they prioritize their/your safety and restrict them/you from doing so. It is important to have a clear schedule and ensure your calendar is free before attending the training, allowing you to fully focus and engage in the learning process.

Read about mind and time required for paragliding courses. Read more..

Attitude for paragliding course

We greatly appreciate individuals with an optimistic approach to life. As a paragliding student, you will face physical and emotional challenges, moments of frustration, and thoughts of quitting. Your instructors are here to support you in all aspects.

However, it is crucial that you remain determined and never give up. Persevere through the difficulties, and when you finally soar through the skies on your first flight, you will realize that all your efforts were worthwhile.

A positive attitude plays a crucial role in your paragliding journey. Be open to learning, embrace challenges, and maintain patience. Paragliding is a skill that takes time and practice to master, so don't get discouraged if you encounter setbacks along the way. Stay humble, listen to your instructors, and trust the learning process. Rest assured, we are here to guide you every step of the way.

Know about the attitude and sportsmanship for paragliding course. Read more...

Safety precautions

Prioritizing safety is paramount in paragliding. We emphasize safety measures and feel frustrated when students neglect them. Paragliding is dangerous and has the potential to be fatal, and when we say it has the potential to be fatal, it means that there is a risk of serious accidents or even death if we don't follow the safety rules and guidelines.

It is important to double-check everything and seek clarification from your instructor if anything seems amiss. Trust your instincts, trust your training, but never blindly rely on your equipment. Vigilance and adherence to safety protocols are vital to ensure a safe and enjoyable paragliding experience.


paragliding may appear frightening at first, but it is a wonderful sport that anyone can learn with patience and by following the correct techniques and process. It is important to have well-experienced instructors and trustworthy equipment to ensure a safe and enjoyable paragliding experience.

If you have the desire to learn how to fly and explore the world from above, DreamAdventures' expert teams are here to assist you with the perfect school and instructors tailored to your needs. Get ready to soar through the skies!


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