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Best Paragliding Instructor-How to Choose?

Updated: Jun 14, 2023

Best paragliding instructor, know how to choose which this complete guide. Read more..

Discover the essential steps to choose the best paragliding instructor. This blog is going to help you to make informed decisions by exploring some important factors such as safety protocols, instructor qualifications, and student feedback.

Explore the key factors to consider when searching for the best paragliding instructor.

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Prior experience

When choosing a paragliding instructor, check how much experience they have. It's good to find someone who has been flying for ten years or more and has done decades of flights and participated in various international paragliding competitions. An instructor who has flown in different places and weather conditions knows a lot and has a lot of skills and knowledge.

Also, choose an instructor who has taught many students before, as an instructor who has successfully trained numerous students demonstrates their ability to impart knowledge effectively.

Theoretical knowledge

A comprehensive understanding of paragliding theory is vital for any instructor. Look for trainers who possess knowledge about mountains and slopes, clouds, meteorology (including weather information and predictions), and the parts and design of a paraglider.

A well-rounded theoretical foundation enables instructors to explain concepts clearly and provide valuable insights into the sport.


Paragliding involves high risks even death, safety should be a top priority. The best paragliding instructors prioritize safety and adhere to all laws and regulations governing the sport. They maintain an impeccable safety record and possess the expertise to instill safe practices in their students. By following proper safety protocols, we can reduce the risk and enjoy this adventure sport safely.


Using new technology in paragliding makes it safer. Good trainers invest in the latest paragliding equipment, which helps improve safety and performance. New technology advancements in gear make flying more stable and easier to control. When choosing a paragliding school, look for one that uses new technology because it can make your experience safer and more enjoyable.


Teaching methods play a significant role in the learning process, and a trainer's ability to adapt to students' individual needs is invaluable. Each student is unique, and the best paragliding instructors recognize this, tailoring their teaching style to accommodate diverse personalities and learning preferences.

A patient, understanding, and empathetic instructor can create a positive and conducive learning environment, fostering student growth and confidence.

What does DreamAdventures do, and how do we assist you?

We speak with each student individually to learn about their needs and backgrounds. The student is then given the contact information for three or more paragliding instructors through DreamAdventures.

We then assist the student with course information, pricing, and consultation. DreamAdventures collaborates with all of India's top paragliding instructors to assist students to select the finest and safest paragliding courses.


Finding the best paragliding trainer is a crucial step in your paragliding journey to becoming a skilled and safe paraglider. By considering factors such as prior experience, theoretical knowledge, safety consciousness, equipment quality, and instructor personality, you can make an informed decision that aligns with your learning needs and goals.

Remember, a competent and well-rounded instructor can not only teach you the necessary skills but also instill a passion for paragliding that will stay with you throughout your flying adventures. So choose wisely and soar high in the skies with confidence!

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Ghanshyam Sunder
Ghanshyam Sunder
28 jun 2022

Thank you for giving all the information👍👍

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Naren tamang
Naren tamang
19 may 2022

Very informative and answered all the questions.

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