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Things to Consider Before Choosing Paragliding School

Updated: Feb 26

This article is especially for you if you want to start paragliding as a new adventure sport. There are more than twenty paragliding schools in India. Choosing the best one can be a tough decision. There are a lot of things to consider, from safety to equipment and instructor. This article will help you make the best decision for you. We'll go over 4 important factors given in the pointer below.

  1. School safety and security

  2. Instructor flying and teaching experience

  3. Quality and latest equipment

  4. No. of flights and training duration

When it comes to choosing a paragliding school, there are a few things you'll want to keep in mind. Here are a few tips to help you choose the right school for you.

1. School safety and security

It is important that the paragliding school you are enrolling in should be registered with the Indian state tourism authority and follow all the rules and regulations. They should use appropriate equipment to support the students during the learning process like harnesses, helmets, radio communication, etc.

They should teach risk management during the training process so that if any incident happens in training students must know how to overcome it. The instructor will be responsible for your safety so choose wisely.

2. Instructor flying and teaching experience

The Paragliding instructor should have flying experience of more than 10 years with thousands of flying hours, he must have a good knowledge of meteorology, he must identify the students learning a skill and teach each & every student in a different method (as not every student have the same learning mindset).

3. Using quality and the latest paragliding equipment

The equipment used for training should be of the latest model and it must be renewed each year. Each piece of equipment will have a life span of two years or two hundred hours. After two hundred hours, the safety certification of the glider (wing/canopy) will expire. You may not want to use old equipment which is nearing its end life. Less than 10 paragliding schools are using new and latest equipment every year.

NOTE: - Most of the paragliding schools in India, used old models, and very poor & old equipment which is very dangerous to fly so choose wisely.

4. No. of flights and training duration

Enrolling in an institute where you will get a maximum no. of flights means you will have more time in the air which will make you learn faster. There are many institutes that offer training for just 2-3 days and give you two - three flights in total. A good training institute should at least provide 6-10 flights in 6-8 days so that one can learn more and faster.

FAQs related to paragliding school & training

Why choosing the best paragliding school is important?

The first and most important thing is to choose the right paragliding school. The reason for this is simple: You will learn a unique sport. For whatever reason, you take up paragliding – whether it’s to have fun, because you have an adventurous nature, or you want to become a professional – in all cases, and at every level, you must get close to the sport and understand it.

How can I become a certified paraglider in India?

How can I become a certified paraglider in India?

After the completion of paragliding courses P1, P2, & P3 you will get a valid certification from a school, with this certification you can fly all over India under the supervision of an experienced buddy pilot or an instructor. For more information read about the paragliding pilot journey.

How can I learn paragliding in India?

If you want to learn paragliding in India, then you can take the paragliding course and within 1 month you can be flying on your own. There are so many experiences paragliding schools in India.

paragliding course fees in India

For more detailed information, read - Where & how to start a paragliding course in India


The paragliding training school has to be chosen with care. It should provide you with a good instructor who will not just teach you how to fly safely but also give you the joy of flying. At the same time, it should not compromise your safety while making sure that your skills are honed in such a way that they make you as safe a pilot as possible.

Why choose DreamAdventures & What do we do?

DreamAdventures are a team of paragliding pilots, we work with experienced school & instructor all over India. we talk to each student, understand their need & background then suggest the best option for you.

We have tried not to do self-promotion as we know every pilot in their career comes to Bir-billing in Himachal & we will definitely meet and fly together. Whatever you decide, be Safe & happy landings.

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