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Get Complete FAQs on Paragliding Courses

Updated: May 28, 2023

This FAQs blog is for everyone looking for answers to your questions related to the paragliding course in India. In this blog, we answered all the common questions asked by beginner pilots before they joined the paragliding course.

Get quick answers to your questions by the following pointers below:-

What are the P1 and P2 courses?

P1 is a beginner-level basic course that focuses entirely on ground practice. P2 is a Novice level training that includes a basic flight introduction as well as 5 short flights.

What is the P3 club pilot course?

P3 is an Intermediate level training that includes 10 long flights with advanced technical maneuvers and is the first step toward becoming an independent pilot.

Where can I learn paragliding in India?

You can learn paragliding at two places in India and they are:-

  • Bir Billing, Himachal Pradesh

  • Kamshet, Maharashtra.

What is the price of a paragliding course in India?

Paragliding course fees depend on the following factors:-

  1. Standard of school and certification.

  2. Training standards and instructor teaching & flying experience.

  3. Quality of training equipment provided by the school.

Note:- Safety and the quality of training is more important than the price.

What is the duration of the course?

  • P1 and P2 = 7- 10 days

  • P3 = 7- 10 days

  • P1, P2, and P3 = 15 - 20 days

Do I need to be physically fit for paragliding?

Yes, Paragliding is a sport that requires basic physical fitness (of course), but it also requires mental strength to make the right decision in an emergency circumstance.

What is the best season for training?

The best season for paragliding training is from October to March. During this month, the weather is safe and pleasant for beginner pilots.

How do I start paragliding?

  • Book a tandem flight.

  • Sign up for a course.

  • Buy the right equipment for you.

  • Join a paragliding school club.

  • Make friends with the senior pilot and fly with them.

Do I get a certificate after the course?

Yes, you will get a paragliding course completion certificate from the school after the training gets completed

Which is the best place for a paragliding course in India?

Bir Billing and Kamshet is the best place for a paragliding course in India. These places are safe for beginner pilots.

Which institute is best for paragliding in India?

There are many paragliding institutes in India. To identify the best institute we need to consider the following factors:-

  1. Instructors' experience and institute safety background.

  2. Training method and equipment quality.

  3. No of training days and no of solo flights.


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