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Trek to the Enthralling Meenmutty Falls: A Nature's Symphony in Aralam Wildlife Sanctuary

Nestled within the emerald hills of Kannur district in Kerala, Aralam Wildlife Sanctuary sprawls across 55 square kilometers, offering a haven for over 200 bird species and a diverse array of mammals. Among its natural wonders, Meenmutty Falls stands out as a magnificent attraction, beckoning trekkers and nature enthusiasts alike.

"Aralam Wildlife Sanctuary nestled amidst lush green hills in Kerala, India. Meenmutty Falls, a majestic waterfall, cascades down from the verdant slopes. A serene and tranquil environment ideal for nature lovers and trekking enthusiasts."

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Unveiling the Ecological Tapestry of Aralam

Aralam Wildlife Sanctuary boasts an impressive biodiversity, fostering numerous wildlife species within its verdant expanse. Birdwatchers delight in observing vibrant Malabar parakeets and stately Malabar grey hornbills soaring through the sanctuary's skies.

The sanctuary also provides a sanctuary for the enigmatic Malabar giant squirrel, majestic Indian gaur, and arboreal primates like the Nilgiri langur and slender loris.


Conquering the Trek to Meenmutty Falls

The trek to Meenmutty Falls, stretching approximately 4 kilometers, presents a captivating adventure. Well-marked trails wind through the sanctuary's diverse forest habitats, teeming with an abundance of flora and fauna. A symphony of birdsong accompanies trekkers as they ascend through the verdant trails, while butterflies paint the air with their vibrant hues.

At the summit, the Meenmutty Watch Tower offers a panorama of the majestic waterfall, cascading down from a height of 300 meters. The breathtaking view is a reward for the strenuous trek. Adventurers can descend to the base of the falls and immerse themselves in the tranquility of the plunge pool, relishing the refreshing embrace of nature's gentle mist.


Exploring Aralam's Hidden Treasures

Beyond the allure of Meenmutty Falls, Aralam Wildlife Sanctuary unveils a myriad of activities for nature enthusiasts. Guided trails allow birdwatchers to spot endemic and migratory species, while nature photographers capture the abundant wildlife through their lenses. Designated picnic areas invite visitors to connect with nature's tranquility and enjoy a moment of relaxation.


Practical Information for Planning Your Adventure

Aralam Wildlife Sanctuary Location:* Kannur district, Kerala, India

Entry Fee:* INR 15 per person

Famous Animal of Aralam Wildlife Sanctuary:* Malabar Giant Squirrel

Trek Difficulty:* Challenging, suitable for physically fit individuals

Best Trekking Season:* November to May


FAQ for a Seamless Visitation

: Which wildlife sanctuary is Meenmutty Waterfalls located in?*

:* Aralam Wildlife Sanctuary

: How long does the trek to Meenmutty Falls take?*

:* Approximately 4 hours one-way

: Is the trek to Meenmutty Falls difficult?*

:* Yes, it requires a degree of physical fitness, especially during the monsoon season.


Embrace the Wonders of Nature

Whether you're an avid trekker, a birdwatching enthusiast, or a nature lover seeking rejuvenation, Aralam Wildlife Sanctuary's trek to Meenmutty Falls promises an unforgettable experience. Embrace the adventure, connect with nature's wonders, and create lasting memories amidst the sanctuary's pristine beauty.

Plan your visit today and immerse yourself in the symphony of nature!

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