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Complete Beginner Guide for Paragliding Course in India

Updated: Feb 10

DreamAdventures offers paragliding courses & training programs to help you to take your first step toward achieving your dream of flying. In this blog, we have given you all the details on different types of paragliding courses, duration, price, and how to prepare for the training.

Takeaway - By end of this blog, you will get all the information about, what you must do before joining Paragliding Course in India.

"Follow these steps and you will enjoy the basic training days"

Read complete guide & learn all the information of paragliding P1, P2, and P3 courses in India. Know price,  how to prepare for training, duration. Read more..

Use these pointers to navigate through this extensive First-timers paragliding guide:


What are P1, P2, and P3 courses?

P1, P2, and P3 courses are the basic paragliding courses. After these courses, you will be able to fly on your own.

P1 - The first class, P1, is a basic introduction to the sport and equipment. In this course, our instructor will teach you about paragliding equipment, its parts, how to use it, and how to pack.

Most of the course is dedicated to Ground Handling training. In-ground you will learn how to do forward launch, how to keep your glider above your head, and how to control your glider.

All these technics will learn while you running with the glider above you.

P2 - So you've learned the basics of paragliding and you want to take the next step. You want to be able to fly. The P2 paragliding course is the perfect way to get your flying certificate.

In this course you will learn the following steps:

  • Take off from a hill or a slope.

  • Changing direction using your body weight and suspension lines.

  • Making a direction and safe glide to the landing.

  • Making a safe landing approach.

  • Landing safely.

  • Safety rules of take-off and landing.

This all skills you will learn under the radio instruction of our master instructor.

P3 - Generally the P3 course is a more intense course for the students who had already finished P1 and P2, and have some flying experience. After completing the P3 course, you will be able to fly solo cross country (15 - 25km) and you will be also able to fly on your own.

After P3 you can take off and land on your own. P3 is a very important step in your paragliding career because it will give you all the necessary knowledge and skills to become a safe pilot.

In this course you will learn the following steps:

  • Advance launch tactics in different wind conditions.

  • Thermalling (basic method of soaring and height gaining)

  • Basic height descending maneuver.

  • Target landing.

  • Air traffic safety rules.

  • Study wind and weather conditions for paragliding.


Why you must do the P1, P2, & P3 courses at one time?

If you want to learn paragliding and want to fly on your own then you must do the complete basic paragliding courses P1, P2, and P3 at one time.

In P1 & P2 you can only have a few short flights and more ground handling, and you will not able to understand everything about paragliding.

In the P3 paragliding course, you will have more than 10-12 flights and you will spend more than 5-6 hours in total. This will give you more understanding of paragliding and you will gain more confidence and can fly on your own.


What is the duration of the paragliding course and its cost?

Paragliding courses



P1 & P2 course

7-10 days


P3 course

7-10 days


P1,P2,P3 Combine course

20- 25 days



What is included in the price package?

  • Equipment for a paragliding course (paragliding canopy, harness, helmet, radio, and rescue parachute).

  • Transportation to take off during P2 & P3.

  • You will be guided by the instructor (who has 15+ years of flying & teaching experience)


How difficult is paragliding training?

It is very easy to learn the basics of paragliding. While mastering you need more experience and practice. The only 4- 5 days of ground handling in the P1 course is more physically demanding.

  • How to prepare for the paragliding training?

  • Start walking or running for 2-3 km with caring some weight on your back.

  • The first 4-5 days of the paragliding course are more physically demanding, in these four days, you have to run while pulling the glider on your back.

  • Plan for one month's holiday for the paragliding course in advance.

  • In the P1, P2, and P3 courses, the average duration is 20-25 days, depending on weather conditions. The number of days depends on many factors such as weather conditions, students' flying skills, physical condition, etc, Your instructor will know best what is good for you so don't worry if it takes longer than expected.

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What to pack for the paragliding course

  • Warm clothes according to the weather

  • Windcheater jackets

  • Long trousers

  • Hiking shoes

  • Sunglass

  • Hydration Bag & Light gloves


What is the best time & location for the paragliding course for first-timers?

You can do the paragliding course between October to April, the best time depends on the location of the course.

The best location for first-timers is in Bir, Himachal Pradesh because Bir has perfect geographical and weather conditions for paragliding and it is the safest place in India to learn paragliding.


Other information to know about this course?

Food and accommodation are not included in the paragliding course packages.

You can call or WhatsApp on 9679499411, DreamAdventures can help you with accommodation according to your needs and budget.


Hope this article will help you in understanding the things around you. You can join us to know more about Paragliding Courses Training at DreamAdventures. We will update this blog every then and then. If you want to add something please comment below.

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