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Learn to Fly Solo with Bir Billing Paragliding Course

Updated: Feb 15

Learn to fly in the skies of Bir Billing, India with our basic and advanced paragliding course. Our experienced instructors will teach you the basics and help you develop your skills as a flying pilot in no time. Join us for an unforgettable experience!

Takeaway: a great way to get into this sport is by taking up a paragliding course at Bir-India, one of the finest paragliding destinations in the world.

Learn to fly with paragliding course in Bir billing. Know course duration, price, safety, best & safe instructor, read more...

What is paragliding?

The paragliding course is a sport that can be done by people of all ages. It is a great way to stay fit and also enjoy the wonders of nature.

Since Paragliding is an adventurous sport, it needs proper training and practice before one can actually go for it in real life. For this, there are paragliding courses available where one can learn how to paraglide and then do it on their own.

A paragliding course is basically a combination of ground-handling lessons and theory classes along with practical flying lessons.

What are the types of courses?

For varied skill levels of paragliding, there are three main types of paragliding courses: P1, P2, & P3.

Beginner (P1)

Your first step toward free flight is to take the P1 paragliding pilot course. Because paragliding is a learning activity, a large portion of this course is devoted to ground training. The course's highlight is your first solo flight under your instructor's direct radio supervision.

The course includes

  • Introduction to canopy and equipment

  • Equipment for the training

  • Forward/Alpine launch method

  • Ground handling

  • Directional control

  • P1 level paragliding certificate

Duration - 4 days (depending on weather conditions and ability) | Course fees - ₹ 15,000

Novice (p2)

You will study advanced launch methods, soaring flights, planned approaches and landings, and much more throughout the P2 Paragliding Pilot Course. All of these exercises will help you acquire confidence if you do them under the direct radio observation of teachers.

The course includes

  • Take off & landing technique.

  • Post-flight procedures.

  • 5 flights with radio-supervised flying & landing.

  • Knowledge about canopy care and maintenance

  • Ground handling.

  • P2 level paragliding certificate

  • Taxi from landing to takeoff.

Duration - 6 days (depending on weather conditions and ability) |Course fees - ₹ 15,000

Intermediate (P3)

The P3 Paragliding Pilot Course provides advanced training in higher and longer flights, as well as a deeper grasp of advanced launch tactics in varying weather situations, height-gaining techniques, emergency maneuvers, and coping with instability.

The course includes

  • Ground handling and kiting skills.

  • 12 flights with radio-supervised flying & landing.

  • Active piloting skills.

  • Extended duration flights.

  • Theory on Safety rules and Ridge rules.

  • Flight planning.

  • P3 level paragliding certificate

  • Taxi from landing to takeoff.

Duration - 15 days (depending on weather conditions and ability)|Course fees - ₹30,000

Why Bir is the best place to learn paragliding?

Because of its weather conditions, Bir Billing is considered the greatest place to learn to paraglide. Bir Billing's geography gives the optimum wind conditions for safe flying in the valley, which are ideal for learning and safe for beginner pilots.

Which is the best trainer?

Let's start with a definition of BEST TRAINER or INSTRUCTOR in terms of a paragliding course.

Some of the most significant factors to consider when seeking the BEST PARAGLIDING INSTRUCTOR are listed below.


A trainer's background includes a decade of flying, hundreds of hours of flight time, flying in a variety of places and weather situations, and instructing a large number of students.


A solid awareness of mountains and slopes, clouds, meteorology (weather information and predictions), and the parts and design of a paraglider is required of the trainer.


Paragliding is a risky extreme activity that may be deadly. A good paragliding instructor is well-versed in paragliding safety and follows all laws and regulations to the letter. Paragliding is highly safe if all laws and regulations are followed.


Trainers are up to speed on the newest paragliding technology and supply the best and most up-to-date paragliding equipment to its students.


Last but not least, each student learns in their own way; a trained trainer who recognizes that each student is unique and is prepared to change teaching methods to accommodate your personality is crucial.


Bir Billing is one of the best places to learn & fly Paragliding, that's why it's become one of the paragliding hubs in India. Bir certainly is an excellent spot for a flawless flying experience with all the favorable conditions.

What does DreamAdventures do, and how do we assist you?

We speak with each student individually to learn about their needs and backgrounds. The student is then given the contact information for three or more paragliding instructors through DreamAdventures.

We then assist the student with course information, pricing, and consultation. DreamAdventures collaborates with all of India's top paragliding instructors to assist students to select the finest and safest paragliding courses.

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